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          2. LNTECH Brand Advantages

            Founded in 2004, the company is a member of National High-tech Enterprises and Forging Machinery Standardization Committee.

            • Perfect Management System

              The company has established a perfect management system from product design, evaluation, development, production, installation, after-sales and other business processes.

            • Excellent production equipment

              The company has automatic mounting machine, robotic welding equipment, leak detection equipment and so on.

            • Strict Exit Inspection

              Strict production process, assembly test, aging test and so on. The manufactured products conform to national and international standards, and the quality is guaranteed.

            • Fast after-sales service

              16 offices throughout the country, providing convenient and fast pre-sale, mid-sale and post-sale services

            • SFC series safety light curtain

            • SFA/B series blind spot free safety light curtain

            • MC II series safety light curtain

            • SND/E Series Level 4 Safety Light Curtain

            • MCM series measuring grating

            • MCIII series thin sensor

            • ES3/4 series photoelectric sensor

            • LDR-1000 series LiDAR

            • SLDR-1000 series safety laser scanner

            • SR4P2A1B24C

            • Tonnage monitoring instrument LN2002/2004

            • SNE-QL

            • SFC系列安全光幕

            • SFA/B系列無盲區安全光幕

            • MC II系列安全光幕

            • SND/E系列4級安全光幕

            • SND/E系列自學習安全光幕

            • SND/E系列級聯光幕

            • SNA/B/C系列安全光幕

            • SNQ系列安全光幕

            • STD系列安全光幕

            • SQL系列安全光幕

            • MC系列安全光幕

            • MCM系列測量光柵

            • MCIII系列薄型傳感器

            • ES3/4系列光電傳感器

            • ES5系列光電傳感器

            • LDR-1000系列激光雷達

            • SLDR-1000系列安全激光掃描儀

            • SR4P2A1B24C

            • SR4P3A1B24

            • SR4P2A1B24N/P-M

            • SR2P4A24

            • SR4P2A1B22

            • SR4P2A1B24

            • SR4P2A1B24P

            • SR4P2A1B24N

            • SR4P2A1B24S

            • SM系列安全地墊

            • SE系列安全觸邊

            • LT6002-2A4S 安全模塊

            • LT6001-2A4S 安全模塊

            • 安全模塊SMCP30

            • LPD系列激光安全保護裝置

            • SLA-6折彎機專用保護裝置

            • 沖床誤送檢出裝置SC11/21,22

            • 誤送檢出裝置RM-6701

            • 沖床模具精度檢知器SC-31/32

            • 沖床模具精度檢知器RM-6302

            • 噸位監視儀LN2002/2004

            • 噸位儀RM-2112,2114

            • 荷重監視系統/噸位儀

            • 模具監視保護器

            About us

            Shandong Lai'en Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 and is a national high-tech enterprise and a member unit of the Forging Machinery Standardization Committee. The company focuses on the research and development, production, sales, and technical services of safety light curtains, LiDAR, detection gratings, safety relays, safety mats, safety contacts, misdelivery detection devices, load monitoring devices/tonnage meters, etc., providing efficient and reliable safety protection products and solutions for industries such as machine tools, electronics, automotive manufacturing, and industrial robots. After more than ten years of development, Ryan has accumulated rich experience in research and development, production, and management. Our pursuit: to serve safe and efficient production; Our spirit: professionalism, integrity, and responsibility; Our quality policy is to manufacture high-quality products, provide attentive service, manage scientifically, and continuously improve.

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